The Challenge at your location?

That is probably possible.
For the Challenge there must be at least 15 outdoor courts with a length of at least 30 meters (20 meters for youth courts).

For the Challenge we use the outdoor shooting range of your location. We use goats, target suits and coat of arms sticks from you. (By placing you before the match day). Because of the different targetfaces that we use, we take them with us ourselves. For most locations we bring our own field team for the game. The match leader and referee are also arranged by us.
For the administration we need a spacious table with at least 3 chairs, an electricity point and access to the WIFI (internet). The entire administration from the registrations to the scorecards are done by us as an organization. We also take care of the award ceremonies (Ribbons and Perfect Bars).
During the competition, only occupancy of the catering is required from the location, the turnover of the catering is for the location itself. As the organization of the Challenge, we are completely outside of that. During the match, no alcohol may be served by the location to shooters.

It is our intention to organize this Challenge 4 times a year, namely the last Sunday of March, May, July and September.
The Challenge starts at 10:00 and ends at approximately 16:00. We, as an organization, want access to the site on the match day around 8:00 so that we can prepare everything. The shooters are welcome from about 9:00. During the competition there are 2 breaks between the rounds and we end with the distribution of the Ribbons and Perfect Bars obtained by the shooters.

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ATTENTION! In special circumstances, we may move the match to another Sunday (e.g. holidays)