The Ribbon and Perfect Bar

A competition against yourself (Challenge). You will start easy, on a 122 cm target face on 30 meters, but with every challenge it will get harder. The target faces keep getting smaller and smaller, in the end you are shooting a 10 cm target face........ at 30 meters. Till you have collected every Ribbon and Perfect Bar.

The Challenge

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The Ribbon and Perfect Bar Challenge is a competition to get the best out of yourself. You don't shoot against an opponent, but against yourself.
Every Ribbon you can get gets harder.
You start on a 122 cm target face at 30 meters and you can keep testing yourself up to and including the 10 cm target face at 30 meters.
Youth shoots the challenge at 20 meters.
You can shoot the Perfect Bar in every Ribbon color if you shoot all 6 arrows in yellow (9 and 10) in 1 round.
You can compete with any bow, as long as it complies with WA regulations.
To participate you must be a member of a local archery club. A membership of a federation is not required.
You can only participate by pre-registration using the form below.
There is no registration possible on competition days.

Competition Dates

March No Date
May 29 May 2022 HBS Pijlsnel
July 31 July 2022 HSV Waterlandschutters
September No date

The Challenge starts at 10:00.
Administration is open for archers from 9:00.
The Challenge will end at approximately 16:00 with 2 breaks during the competition.


For the score processing we make use of Ianseo. For each lane we ask an archer who is willing to install the Ianseo scorekeeper app on their phone and keep the scores for that lane.


Competition Venues: 

HBS Pijlsnel Landsmeer
Scheepsbouwersweg 10
1121PC Landsmeer
ATTENTION!! No cards, cash only.
Maximum number of archers: 60


HSV Waterlandschutters
Westerweg 56B
1445 AD Purmerend
Maximum number of archers: 60


Wondering who's participating? Take a look at the Participants list for the Challenge on 31 July.


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